This is a blog about restoring education to its original purpose—to know Him by learning from truth.

Educrats, technocrats and politicians of all stripes have convinced Christian parents that our children’s educations must be “aligned to the needs of the economy.” But, according to scripture, and historical documents created during the building of America, that has never been the purpose of education in God’s eyes.

Latter-day Saint scripture scholar, Hugh Nibley warned us that a “college and career ready” education leads us and our children away from our true identity as God’s children. In a commencement speech to Brigham Young University students in 1983, he said, “The Church was full of men in Paul’s day “supposing that gain is godliness” (1 Timothy 6:5) and making others believe it. Today the black robe [graduation gowns] puts the official stamp of approval on that very proposition….Most of you are here today only because you believe that this charade will help you get ahead in the world. But in the last few years things have got out of hand; “the economy,” once the most important thing in our materialistic lives, has become the only thing. We have been swept up in a total dedication to “the economy,” which like the massive mud slides of our Wasatch Front, is rapidly engulfing and suffocating everything. If President Kimball is “frightened and appalled” by what he sees, I can do no better than to conclude with his words: “We must leave off the worship of modern-day idols and a reliance on the ‘arm of flesh,’ for the Lord has said to all the world in our day, `I will not spare any that remain in Babylon’” (”The False Gods We Worship,” Ensign, June 1976, p. 6). And Babylon is where we are.”

This blog is dedicated to helping parents see that religious freedom is inseparably connected to the way we educate our children. Are we sending them to school to discover their true identity as children of an almighty Creator? Or, are we sending them to school to learn how to justify moral relativity and humanism and, eventually, get a job?

Our children, and America, are in desperate need of an education restoration!


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